What Is El Hefe?

A mobile-first web app to publish and monetize content easily

Why I'm building El Hefe

  • Starting from scratch I didn’t want to rebuild the standard services stack I previously used (Linux hosting, auto-responder for email, wordpress for content, buggy wordpress plugins, analytics, tracking, etc) because it was a pain and there are too many black holes for data to fall through and I wanted total transparency.
  • I have been coding since the 1980's and was confident I could assemble the core functions.
  • In June 2019 I started swiping code from my archive, writing new code and assembling it all together to build this mobile-first web-based software that I needed.

Major Features

  • Email leads database to import, store and segment email leads
  • Bulk emailer for Gmail and SendGrid
  • Publish fast loading mobile-first short stories with pictures
  • Affiliate offers database to embed offer links as blue highlighted text within short stories.
  • Event-based lead tagging for events (email opens, email link clicks, page visits, etc.)

Tech Stack

  • Coded in C#.net
  • Developed with Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition 2019
  • Web application hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • SqlServer database on Microsoft Azure
  • SendGrid email service through Microsoft Azure
  • Google GSuite
  • GoDaddy Domain


  • Stories content pages are inspired by Medium.com and the Firefox “pocket” that serves stories on blank browser tabs in Firefox web browser.
  • Affiliate links are served dynamically in-text and driven by keywords in stories. In-text ads can be turned ON and turned OFF in the Manage Stories page.
  • Email is sent in batches through SendGrid up to 500 emails per batch (as of 8/27/19). The automated process for working the email queue runs locally on development machine and will be run on Azure as a console service once in production.
  • Tracking is being coded and reports built. Important email events like opens and clicks are successfully being recorded to the tracking database.
  • Email user Tagging is working in a basic form. Currently the system tags users (by their email address) that open a tagged email message. So if the email message is about permaculture and opened by Sam, Sam’s email address gets a “permaculture” sticky tag in our database so we know that Sam opened a permaculture based email and may be open to permaculture offers.
  • Google sitemap is generated on demand to help Google find and index all story pages. Sitemap is located at http://elhefe.io/sitemap.xml.

~ Corey Bornmann

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